Twiggy, the world famous water skiing squirrel, will come out of retirement to return to entertain crowds at the Progressive Cleveland Boat Show in the I-X Center for 5 days, January 17-21.

Often cited as the most popular boat show entertainment feature ever created, Twiggy retired several years ago but will return to mark the 40th anniversary of her first trip around her special show pool. It left the audience in awe and resulted in invitations to ski in shows across the country. She eventually traveled to appearances in England, Germany, Canada and Japan. She also landed roles in the feature films “Anchorman” and “Dodgeball,” and even joined country great Brad Paisley in a music video.

“It’s forever summer at Twiggy’s lagoon,” says Michelle Burke, the boat show manager. “But this celebratory return will boast an all-new, fun-filled show with laughs, surprises and even a special guest named Roxie the Chawinnie, which mounts her lifeguard stand to watch over Twiggy’s performance.”

If history repeats itself, there will be as many adults as kids squeezing up to see Twiggy perform. And a totally new performance it will be this year. Twiggy will water ski, of course. But she’ll also climb aboard her new Wakeboard because wakeboarding has become a huge activity in boating these days and Twiggy likes to keep up! She will also banter with her trainer Chuckie Best, the son of her original trainer, who has decided to craft the new show and bring her back.

“It’s not your old Twiggy show anymore,” promises Best. “We want to make people laugh and be awed by what see does before and after she zips around her lagoon. And while we won’t stop messaging that kids must always think water safety, our new show is choreographed to be pure entertainment for young and old.”

Before retiring, Twiggy actually appeared in the Cleveland Boat Show for 22 consecutive years during which thousands of show attendees gathered around her special pool to applaud the little Florida gray squirrel’s feat. And, it was nothing for Twiggy to suddenly decide she’d showed off enough on the skis and leap into her special radio-controlled tow boat for a comfortable ride there. When she did it, the crowds loved it.

According to Best: “There was even a time or two when the boat pulled her very close to the pool’s edge and Twiggy would decide to leap into a nearby stroller and curl up with its occupant!”

Twiggy is just one of a variety of other show features and activities this year, all surrounded by over 400 new power and sailboats, and more than 100 boating accessory and service displays that make up Ohio’s largest annual boating event.  

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