The boating rendezvous like no other!

We’ve missed you, and we believe you’ve missed us. So, we’re excited to once again see you at this, the first 2022 event at back at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio. If you need a boat, want a boat, or just want to fantasize about boats, there’s never a better time to get back together as we dive into a new boating season.

Dozens of exhibitors are set to welcome you back to the in-person boat show experience. Plus, we’ve added even more seminar programs,  live music and special features. Learn all about it by exploring this website, buy your tickets online, then cast off to experience all things nautical.

Jan 13

12PM – 9PM

Jan 14

12PM – 9PM

Jan 15

10AM – 9PM

Jan 16

10AM – 5PM

Jan 17

10AM – 5PM


Cost of admission to the Progressive Cleveland Boat show does not include parking. The Cleveland Boat Show benefits in no way from any parking fee collected by the I-X Center, nor does it have any control over the lot.