Boating Education

Boating Education

The Progressive Cleveland Boat Show recognizes that boating education is critical to safely enjoying Ohio waterways. Particularly with the influx of new boaters over the past year, such things as the Rules of the Road, navigation safety gear, weather monitoring are essential to the safe operation of a boat. Any first time boater, should at minimum, consider taking a course designed to cover the basics of safe boating and for the more advanced, take a course in navigation and charts. As boaters, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others on the water to be informed on basis safety and seamanship. Boating on Lake Erie offers different challenges than boating on an inland lake.

Great Resources

The Cleveland Boat Show is proud to support the mission of the following organizations which offer boating and safety education classes and resources: (1) America’s Boating Club; (2) Great Lakes Cruising Club; (3) the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and (4) the Coast Guard Auxiliary. These organizations offer something for everyone from the beginning boater to the seasoned and advanced navigator, including, boating safety courses, hands-on training in the water, Vessel safety checks, cruises and events year long and a close collegiality with other boaters.

Click on the links below to learn more about these organization and the critical missions they continue to serve by keeping these legacies alive.

America’s Boating Club

Great Lakes Cruising Club

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Coast Guard Auxiliary