Boating History

Boating History

The Progressive Cleveland Boat Show proudly celebrates its 64th Annual Show, and in doing so, honors the rich boating history that has evolved with the Show. Whether you grew up boating on a Lyman or a Chris Craft or simply like the look and lines of classic boats, we have always honored the history and legacy that has served Lake Erie and Ohio’s inland lakes. Last year, we offered the Lyman Boat History Museum, and interactive experience containing factory brochures, memorabilia and photographs from the original Lyman Boat Works factory in Sandusky, Ohio. While many of the boats identified below are antique classics, they are very much in use today, painstakingly restored to their original luster. We all admire this beautiful boats, whether we own one, used to own one, or simply bring back memories of good times spent in the water with friends and family

Continued Tradition

This distinguished boating history has been commemorated at the show with the presence and support of the (1) North Coast Ohio Chapter of the Antique and Classic Society (NCO ACBS); (2) the Lyman Boat Owners Association (LBOA); (3) Lyman Boats (which has offered the Lyman Boat History Museum); and the Matthews Boat Owners Association.   This year is no exception! These organizations serve and honor the legacy of antique boats and are not merely show pieces, but are in use and enjoyed today throughout Lake Erie and Ohio’s inland lakes.

Click on the links below to learn more about these organizations and the critical missions they continue to serve by keeping these legacies alive.


North Coast Ohio Chapter of the ACBS offers exciting events and cruises, boat shows, and restoration workshops.


The LBOA’s mission is to serve Lyman boat enthusiasts and also offers it annual boat show, destination cruises, boat listing and restoration workshops.

Lyman Boats

Founded by Tom Korknay aka Doc Lyman, Lyman Boats, restores Lyman boats from original factory jigs and patterns, is the keeper of Lyman Boat archives.


The MBOA is devoted to perpetuating Matthews Boat history.