Catawba Island Club

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Catawba Island Club Marina & Service

A short drive from Cleveland or Toledo, just 6-miles south of the famous Bass Islands, is one of the best kept secrets on the Great Lakes – Catawba Island Club, Marina & Service. Catawba Island Club has become a mecca for lakeside living and recreation. The beauty of the natural setting, the generous array of amenities, complete marine service, the attention to detail, impeccable service, fabulous food, friendly staff, and a continual evolution to please new generations of customers.

Marina & Recreation

A well protected 320-slip marina and enjoys direct access to Lake Erie. The Club stretches along an almost 1000-foot peninsula between the marina and Lake Erie shoreline. This stretch is lined with a boardwalk, numerous fire-pits, and various food & beverage outlets including multiple options for lakeside dining. Boat access to the lake is a short ride and it is common to receive friendly waves from other boaters and those picnicking and spending on the lawn and beach front.

Marine Service

Over the last 10 years we have seen incredible progress in the technology installed in boats. The days of boat owners having the patience, and more importantly the time to work on their boat are long gone! With great consistency through the years, CIC boaters have developed confidence that their needs, both routine and unexpected, will be addressed quickly, cheerfully, and competently. The staff knows Lake Erie summers are short, and they want CIC boaters enjoying every minute possible.


The Catawba Island Club “campus” as many of the members and residents call-it is the complete package. With most of the adjacent communities linked through cart paths, biking and walking trails, members have the freedom to leave their cars in the garage once they arrive. Daily routines include convenient access to their boats, golf course or tennis courts, bars, restaurants, and shopping…all without leaving “campus.”