Frequently Asked Questions

If I register once is it good for all show days?

Yes. Register free at one time and you are in for all 10 days. You get the listings of all exhibitors, seminars and events in the online show.

Are there live boat show events planned in dealer showrooms?

Yes, a schedule of in-person events being held in participating dealer showrooms are planned concurrent with the online show.

Is there a boat show at the I-X Center, too?

No, the boat show is only online and in participating dealer showrooms. Big expositions that draw large crowds are not happening in Ohio due to Covid-19.

Are there PWC’s, kayaks and paddle boards in the show?

Yes, see the general product listings and/or look for your favorite participating dealer’s show page.

What’s the status of boat financing?

Every dealer can make financing arrangements for you easy, and today’s record low interest rates are a boat buyer’s advantage. Banks prefer boat loans because of the enduring long-term security value of the product. That’s why they can offer extended terms of 10 or more years. Rates will never be lower!

Will there be any used boat listings in this online show?

Yes, there are a limited number of pre-owned boats included this year.

Can we purchase online or in person?

That depends on the individual exhibitor. Accessory, marina and service exhibitors will most likely offer a route to an easy online purchase. In-person boat purchases predominate in dealer showrooms. All participating dealers are following safety protocols.

What power boat brands are included in the online show?

Virtually all the major power boat brands are in the show They are listed on each participating dealer’s page(s) and are categorized by type, too.

In the traditional in-person boat show, the boat dealers always offered perks and incentives to buy at the show. What about at the online show?

Sales incentives are a boat show trademark and that will be true this year, too. Incentives are offered by the boat manufacturers, engine companies (outboards) and electronics makers during a boat show. And, since this boat show takes place both online and, concurrently, live in dealer showrooms, the incentives are as big as ever.

Will the big in-person show return in January 2022 to the I-X Center?

The traditional in-person exposition will be back in 2022. While the I-X Center has been its home for the last 34 years and returning there has not been ruled out. However, the boat show was successfully held in the Huntington Cleveland Convention Center for 29 years before relocating to the I-X in 1986. So, the 2022 live boat show will be back, one way or the other.

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